Song: The Throne "Niggas In Paris"
Album: Watch The Throne
Label: Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam/Roc Nation

Don't even get us started on the fish filet reference—we already tackled that in our Rapper's Infatuation With Seafood list—just know that you'll never ever be able to order anything at McDonald's ever again without one of your obnoxious friends referencing this line. That would probably be reason enough to top this list, but alas there's more to it. 

Let's instead focus on the "cray" part. The term marked the birth of the most overused (both on and off stage) word in 2011: “cray.” What started out as a fun retort to a crazy story or someone being annoying became something to use in any sentence, for any reason, at any given time.

It also spawned the argument as to whether it was actually cray or Kray (see: the Kray twins). Either way, this word, and line overall, became the second-coming of “swag.” That shit cray, indeed.