Garth Brooks, No Fences (1990)

Label: Capitol Nashville

Yelawolf: “I’m a huge fan of country music and I love a lot of old-school country like Hank Williams, Charlie Daniels, Travis Tritt, and George Straight. But the reason I put Garth Brooks' No Fences is because it’s one of the best country albums ever written with ‘Thunder Rolls,’ ‘Rodeo,’ ‘Friends in Low Places.’

“I love this album. I can’t say enough about this album. I’ve listened to country music most of my life but there’s not an album out there that really touches base like this album. Johnny Cash doesn’t really count because Johnny Cash is country but he’s more punk rock/rock and roll outlaw country.

"Garth Brooks is like country country. I hated that he sold out to do some R&B shit, but the No Fences album is amazing. I don’t give a fuck what he’s done after or whatever, all I know is that No Fences is incredible.”