The 100 Best 2Pac Songs

93. 2Pac "Out On Bail" (2004)

Producer: Eminem, Louis Resto, LG
Album: Loyal to the Game
Label: Amaru/Interscope

This seemingly innocuous song may have been the very match that set off the east coast/west coast conflict that would end in the spectacular murders of their two brightest stars. Not surprisingly, the scene was the first Source Awards. Due to a cueing problem, Pac and a group of pre–Thug Life hooligans burst onto the stage screamin' “We Out On Bail!” interrupting A Tribe Called Quest as they were accepting an award.

This was interpreted as disrespect, and led to a string of threats and warnings from the Zulu Nation, of which Tribe were members. The resulting turmoil gave rise to territorial feelings in New York, where many already felt a little resentful at the rise of the west coast. What nobody in the awards show audience could deny was the performance itself: over a rollicking track Pac cussed at judges and prosecutors and the like in what was, ironically, one of the most “east coast" sounding records of his entire career.

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