Date: 1997

Best Line: "We not talking other rappers...we talking about you, muthafucka. You know who I'm talking to... we comin' for you." 

Complex says: Diddy’s shit-talking on “Long Kiss Goodnight” is legendary, if not for the entertaining brashness, certainly for it’s placement. On this song, Diddy doesn’t save the braggadocio for the end of the song, instead he ad-libs and rants throughout virtually the entire track.

"I told y'all to stop," he says to start things off. "I prayed for you to stop... But you didn't stop... Now we won't stop."

The combination of Biggie’s viciously witty flow and RZA’s brooding backdrop provide the perfect setting for Diddy’s particular brand of audaciousness. When the song was released, many perceived the rant to be directed at Suge Knight and the Death Row Records camp.

"We don't give a fuck," Diddy rages on the second chorus. "We just absolutely don't give a fuck... because there ain't no motherfuckin' love here... We just gon' keep doing what we do... We gon' keep fucking you up... i'ma keep stoking your motherfuckin' fire, you fuckin' bitch."

Diddy’s “Long Kiss Goodnight” rant exemplifies everything we’ve come to love and/or hate about the guy. It’s a brazen, no-bullshit account of how Diddy felt about his team at the time. You gotta love that. The irony was, back when Suge Knight infamously called out Diddy at the Source Awards, one of his main gripes was that Diddy would talk all over his artists' records, which is exactly what Diddy did on here. 

"See the fucked-up thing is I love you," Diddy adds near the end. "It's just in my nature to love you... I don't know, maybe I'm a different type of individual." That's for sure.