The Notorious B.I.G. f/ Puff Daddy “Who Shot Ya?”

Date: 1995

Best Line: “As we proceed to give you what you need”

Complex says: Diddy’s rant over arguably Biggie’s most controversial record is top ten for two reasons. Like the beat, Diddy’s ranting is embedded in the fabric of this track, to the point that the song just wouldn’t feel the same without it.

Hitting the streets not long after Tupac was beaten, robbed, and shot in New York's Quad Studios, this song had the streets talking. Especially when folks heard Puff shouting "East coast motherfuckers! Bad Boy motherfuckers!"

Puff has gift for making you feel hyped up, tough, excited, even angry, without really saying much of any substance at all. It’s likely that his boasting is one of your favorite parts of the song without you even knowing it, and that the feelings evoked from your memory of “Who Shot Ya?” are largely based on his rant. That alone makes his "Who Shot Ya" rant one of the loudest quietly great things in hip-hop history. '95 motherfucker!