Date: April 9, 2009

Best Line: “Recently, especially ever since the recession, there has been an overwhelming amount of new cases of bitchassness.”

Complex says: In season two of Diddy’s MTV show Making The Band 4, Diddy coined the term "bitchassness," referring to a person exhibiting the tendency to hate and/or occasionally act like a bitch. The term grew legs and could soon be seen on t-shirts and in blog posts everywhere.

In this video blog from April 2009, Diddy speaks on an outbreak of bitchassness and even gives a little history as to how, prior to the outbreak, overall levels of bitchassness had remained relatively stable. The seriousness of his tone, combined with the absolute ridiculousness of the subject, is what made this rant a classic.

How many people can make a complete waste of your time this much fun? Does anyone kick that nonsensical awesomeness better than Diddy does? Are you not entertained?