Date: August 23, 2006

Best Line: “Lindsay, Jessica, you’re late. You should have followed my pretty ass from the beginning.”

Complex says: During a drunken rant—in which Diddy dons a grill and sounds kinda like Colonel Sanders—the mogul makes it known that he originated the trendy superstar endorsement of the skin-care product Proactiv. Back in 2005, Diddy appeared in ads for the company, claiming that Proactiv helped him preserve his sexy.

A slew of other celebrities followed Diddy in endorsing the magical facial cream—namely Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson. In this rant, Diddy calls them out for jumping on the bandwagon.

Diddy eventually jumped off the Proactiv train when he sued the company in April of 2006, claiming that he experienced breakouts. To date, there is no record of Diddy filing charges against Lohan or Simpson for jacking his super-smooth facial steez.