Date: October 3, 2011

Best Line: “Put that shit down...You in my house, nigga. Fuck out of here.”

Complex says: After the BET Hip Hop Awards, Diddy joined T.I. and Young Jeezy at an afterparty held at Atlanta’s Compound nightclub. As part owner of the Ciroc vodka brand, Diddy was none to happy to see a partygoer—radio personality Kenny Burns—was drinking Grey Goose instead of Ciroc.

Diddy proceeded to berate the man and throw cubes of ice at him from the stage, shouting things like, “What you going to do motherfucker?” and “This is my house.” T.I. did his best to defuse the situation, and Diddy later issued an apology.

Puff can blame this one on the alcohol, but to be fair, Ciroc commercials should now end with “Drink responsibly. That is—unless you’re a hip hop mogul and multi-millionaire playboy.”