Date: November 17, 2005

Best Line: “Real recognize real. Y’all know where the office is at. There’s a big sign on it. I’ll be there.”

Complex says: For all of Diddy’s positive attributes, throughout his career he’s been plagues by artist disputes questioning his business tactics. However, his disagreement with The Lox over their publishing deal turned public in November of 2005.

When Jadakiss and Styles P expressed their frustrations live on Angie Martinez’s Hot 97 radio show, Diddy called in to defend his side of the dispute. In the rant, he maintains that all business practices were handled fairly, and that he did them a favor by letting them go from the label when they were unhappy.

Without proper examination of their legal agreement, it’s hard to take sides. However, Diddy did manage to remain true to boss form throughout—even extending The Lox an invitation to his office. At the conclusion of this rant, one thing was crystal clear: Puff obviously didn’t top the Forbes list by letting motherfuckers out of their publishing deals.