Happy birthday Diddy! Sean Combs has been one of the most entertaining characters in all of music for the better part of two decades. The Forbes-certified hip-hop kingpin has conquered venture after venture from rap to fashion to liquor, and never has he compromised his polarizing character.

Love him or hate him, call him Diddy or call him Puffy, you’re damn sure going to listen to him. And over the years, that no-holds-barred attitude has led to some of the most memorable tirades in hip-hop history. 

Follow us as we celebrate Puff's birthday and recount The 10 Best Diddy Rants. From live radio confrontations to drunken video chats to ridiculous bitchassness broadcasts, Sean Combs knows that all the world's a stage. So we suggest that you—as the man himself would say—take that! Take that!

Written by Julian Pereira (@Broadway_Jay)