Seven years ago today, we lost one of hip-hop's wildest characters. Ol' Dirty Bastard played hard, broke the rules, and died too soon, but not before leaving us a wealth of music to enjoy. His contributions to the Wu-Tang catalog will always remain a perfect representation of the raw, gritty hip-hop that the '90s are remembered for, but he shines brightest on his classic solo album.

Never one to play the background, ODB went solo with the unfiltered Wu-Tang style and his own animated deliveries and charismatic flows for the 17-track Return To The 36 Chambers. To celebrate the album and honor the legacy, the release has been remastered and revamped as a box set with rare recordings, remixes, and instrumentals.

The box set comes in the form of a bill fold wallet designed specifically for this release. It also includes a copy of the laminated food stamp from the album's iconic cover. With remixes, rare recordings, and extended artwork, it's a must-have for any hardcore fan. The package will be available on November 22. You can order yours here.