Complex: Does the Girls’ Generation use any forms of social networking outlets such as Twitter or Facebook?

All: No.

Sooyoung: Even if you do see an account under our name, it’s not us.

Tiffany: We’re definitely at an age where we want to keep in touch with our friends, and most importantly we want to keep in touch with our fans. That’s one thing we’re very disgruntled about. I think there are pros and cons. The fact that we’re not on social networks gives us a different aura, since we’re unreachable.

Taeyeon: If we were allowed to use social networking outlets like Twitter, we’d probably be too active. Truthfully, I don’t even know how to follow people on Twitter. I don’t know how to use it. I’m completely lost. But if we do come across using it, we’ll probably go all out.

Complex: Sadly, the average lifespan of an idol group isn’t long. Are there any plans for you guys after Girls’ Generation?

Tiffany: We don’t intend on ending it. We just don’t.

Sooyoung: If we have to choose a certain occupation, then maybe becoming a mother?

Tiffany: I guess each member will pursue something that fits her, but we’d like to maintain the title as Girls’ Generation.

Complex: Are there any new k-pop groups you guys are checking for as possible competitors?

Jessica: Competitors?

Taeyeon: Honestly, we really enjoy watching music programs and checking out all the new artists.

Complex: Which group do you guys think will blow up?

Taeyeon: That’s difficult to tell, since there are so many.

Seohyun: I think each group has qualities that are worth noting. Since all of them are so different. We check them out, and think amongst ourselves what parts of their performances or songs are good. Some have great visuals, while some have great music. If anything, we try to learn from them, instead of seeing them as competitors.

Complex: Girls’ Generation’s debut was a turning point, which somewhat sparked the recent influx of young trainees spurring up across Asia. Any advice you guys want to give to those up-and-coming talents?

Jessica: I hope they’re not dedicating their time and effort just to become famous celebrities. I hope what they’re doing is something they truly enjoy. That’s the only way to prevent regrets from happening.

Seohyun: There has to be a set goal. Don’t just vaguely chase after something that’s glowing. You need to know what you like, what you want to achieve, and what makes you happy. That’s the only way to keep yourself focused from diverting off to other paths.

Complex: Finally, what’s the next step for the Girls’ Generation?

Tiffany: World domination.

Yoona: More so, world tour. We’re currently doing the Asian tour. And once that’s over, if possible, I’d like to see us go on a world tour.

Taeyeon: Expanding our legacy to outer space!

Sooyoung: Oh, gosh.

Taeyeon: Sorry.

Tiffany: Currently, we’re promoting our group album, but we’re going to slowly start pushing our solo work. I think it’d be great to showcase to our fans, how strong the girls are as individuals. And when we come together as one, we’re just shinier and stronger.

Complex: Yeah, like Wu-Tang. You guys can come together like Voltron.

Tiffany: Yeah…That’s kind of how I always imagined us.

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