Complex: So if you guys all go out to a club together…

Hyoyeon: That would be fun.

Jessica: Oh, so your standard of having fun is clubbing?

Complex: I mean…

Hyoyeon: I think it’ll be great. We really want to go, too. But it’d be difficult if people recognize us, so we’re not sure if we’d really enjoy ourselves.

Complex: Okay, then if nine of you guys go to a club, whom do you think will get holla’d at the most?

Tiffany: [Laughs.]

Jessica: Hyoyeon!

Taeyeon: Hyoyeon!

Seohyeon: I think Hyoyeon, because she has the best moves.

Sooyoung: But wouldn’t it be difficult to tell ‘cause it’s so dark?

Complex: Okay. [Laughs.]

Taeyeon: Well, we never really went clubbing. We’ve been to clubs for a shoot, or other work-related stuff, but we never gone to a club to actually party.

Complex: Then do you guys drink?

Taeyeon: Since we’re adults, we can drink. But we’re not…

Sooyoung: We drink, but none of us are drinkers. Better yet, we’re not really aficionados of drinking.

Tiffany: Since we don’t really have much time to sleep. We’d rather invest our time sleeping.

Complex: When you guys fight, who wins?

Hyoyeon: I don’t know. We never really got into any physical altercation yet.

Tiffany: Yeah, just arguing verbally, right?

Complex: When you guys start screaming at each other who prevails?

Sooyoung: Well, we don’t really start screaming at each other.

Complex: Then when you guys argue logically…

Sooyoung: Well, when we argue logically, I think Taeyeon’s tough.

Taeyeon: Oh, am I?

Sooyoung: Yeah, she’s the boss.

Hyoyeon: Sooyoung appears tough, but she shuts up easily and keeps her head down.

Tiffany: Yeah, Sooyoung is really a sweetheart. She’s flimsy. And Sunny can be tough, too.

Sooyoung: Yeah, Sunny usually settles for most. She’s willing to put up a lot. But in the end, if she feels like something needs to be said, she tells you straight up.

Tiffany: She’s definitely the wise one.

Sunny: No, no. They’re just exaggerating. [Laughs.]

Complex: What kind of guys does the Girls’ Generation prefer?

Hyoyeon: Isn’t it obvious? He has to be someone who likes nobody but me. He has to make me feel special.

Sooyoung: Someone who makes me feel comfortable, like he’s a friend. Since our work put ourselves in the public, we’d like to be with someone who’d make us feel comfortable. And understands what we do.

Complex: What about style? Casually dressed? Streetwear? Super-clean cut?

Sooyoung: I think somewhere right in the middle could work.

Tiffany: Someone who knows how to be grungy, and someone who knows how to be polished.

Complex: What type of footwear would make you guys completely dismiss a dude?

Yoona: Those slippers with three stripes.

Hyoyeon: And pointy shoes.

Jessica: Heels.

Tiffany: Oh! Ugg Boots. I don’t know. It’s like a girl thing.

Sooyoung: But I think [Ugg Boots] looks good depending on how they pull it off. I personally don’t like guys wearing Western boots or cowboy boots.

Taeyeon: [Laughs.] You know those sandals? And when older men wear them with their socks on. Those are bad.

Jessica: You know when you go to weddings? You see these guys wearing those dress shoes with extra inches of heels? I really don’t like those.

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