Complex: Fair enough. You guys have ads all over Asia. With so many sponsorships under your belts, how big is the financial return for you guys individually?

Management: They’re probably not sure about that.

Tiffany: It’s a company thing. They do the math for us.

Complex: But they treat you guys well though?

Tiffany: Yeah, of course. It’s all math that we don't really take part in.

Complex: Sure. Then what are some unexpected things you guys had to do since the debut?

Taeyeon: Good or bad?

Complex: I prefer hearing the bad.

Yuri: To give you an example, our faces were displayed on a huge neon billboard in Times Square. That’s something we’ve never expected. We’ve certainly dreamed about it. But to actually perform our song in English, and see our faces appear publicly in a city like New York, it’s something that we never really saw it coming. And it’s surreal for us to actually experience it first hand.

Tiffany: We’ve just had our Japanese debut, and it’s been a little over a year. As a newly debuted foreign female group, we were the first to top the charts on the release date. And our song “Gee” reached number one on the Oricon Daily chart. That was unbelievable. It made us appreciate the fans so much more. We all want to say thank you for that.

Complex: Taeyeon, did you have something to add?

Taeyeon: It’s nothing too big. We’ve certainly thought about making an international debut whether it’s in Japan or in the U.S. But I really didn’t think we’d be on airplanes so frequently. Since we’re a girl group, there are certain things that bother us. Hopping on planes isn’t always comforting. And you know our skin gets really dry, and worrying about how we’re going to appear on camera right after we get off the plane. Stuff like that gets a little irritating.

Complex: How do you guys relieve stress?

Tiffany: We eat. We eat like every two hours.

Taeyeon: Eating tasty things. Sweet stuff.

Seohyun: We talk a lot amongst each other. All nine of us talk about different things.

Complex: But aren’t you guys together all the time?

Seohyun: Yeah, but we still have a lot to talk about.

Taeyeon: There are endless amount of topics to be discussed.

Complex: The profiles written about idol groups are very generic. For hobbies, they’re always listed as reading, listening to music, or watching movies. Seriously?

Hyoyeon: But Seohyun is really like that though.

Jessica: And honestly, if someone asks you what your hobbies are there aren’t really much to write down, right? So you just end up writing down basic things like shopping.

Tiffany: I mean, what do you like to do? Reading, listening to music, things like that, right? It’s totally normal, but I guess it looks fake in a way because we are people you can’t personally ask. But what you’ve mentioned are all our hobbies.

Taeyeon: Plus, those are all things we wrote earlier in our careers. I’m sure things are different now. For instance, I now consider sleeping as a hobby.

Sooyoung: And by watching movies, it’s not like we’re…

Taeyeon: Sitting down and dissecting the film.

Sooyoung: Or listening to classical music with a surround sound system. As if we’re sitting through a live orchestra.

Complex: Then what do you guys do for fun?

Sooyoung: Oh, we’re great at that.

Tiffany: I want to go to Disney Land!

Sooyoung: The standard for fun depends on the individual. For us, since we’re a group of nine girls, nice décor, fancy outing, and special occasions, like each member’s birthday, things like that can easily sway us a lot. So drinking wine and gossiping, we consider all of that as part of having fun.

Even when we’re working, instead of treating it like work, we have a tendency to approach it as if we’re having fun as a group. In certain cases, it gets too loud, so it might even appear a bit unprofessional. [Laughs.] But I think we’re having fun while we’re working. 

Tiffany: We’re kind of boring.

Taeyeon: We like to walk around the street, do window-shopping.

Complex: People don’t recognize you guys?

Seohyun: We usually cover ourselves with a hat.

Taeyeon: Yeah, some people do, but since it’s not something we get to do often, it’s really fun when we actually do it.

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