Album: The Art of Storytelling

Label: Def Jam/IDJMG/Universal

DJ Clark Kent: “After he did ‘Kill Niggaz,’ and he realized how aggressively hard it was, that’s when he did ‘I Own America.’ He was talking so much shit on that. Super reckless. He’s a belligerent motherfucker. He talks super greasy. He thinks everybody is a clown.

“That Nas record that Trackmasters did [‘Me and Nas Bring It To You Hardest’] was actually for Nas, but it got on Rick’s album because Rick was finished first. Nas album wasn’t ready yet, so it was like, ‘Put it over here.’ But it was Nas loving Rick instead of Rick loving Nas. He was particular, B.

“But the ‘Street Talkin’’ shit he did with [Big Boi from] Outkast, he loved that! It was hot, but it was like they were the only guys he liked at that time. I was like, ‘Are you serious?’”