RCA Records is making some changes. The label, founded in 1929, is the second oldest in the United States, and although they recently let go of dozens of employees, they insist that they're in no trouble. Instead, they suggest that they've been learning to be just as effective with less. 

To simplify things, RCA has decided to discontinue the Jive subsidiary, as well as the well known Arista label. All artists on those labels will now fall under the parent RCA label.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, RCA president Tom Corson explained:

“The path we’ve taken is to refresh RCA, so we're going to retire those brands. There may be a reason down the line to bring them back, but it's a clean slate here.

The concept is that there is value in branding RCA and not having it confused or diluted by other labels. The artists have all been supportive. We didn’t make this move without consulting our artists, and we haven’t had any push-back. Frankly, they’re the brand. We’re defined by our artists.”