Machine Gun Kelly is having a pretty good year. He turned his buzz into a deal with Bad Boy, and since then he's been steadily building up his fan base and staying in the headlines. One of the ways he's rallied the troops is by using the word "rager," incorporating it into his music, shows, and making it a part of his identity.

As you may know, Kid Cudi has been using this word for a while, even declaring himself "Mr. Rager" on record. He's taken notice of the rising rapper (who also happens to be from the city of Cleveland) and last week he took to Tumblr to put down his thoughts:

There’s only one original Rager, and thats me. I started this ‘rage’ shit. The lifestyle, the term, the whole new meaning and definition of the word. Understand and be clear, IAM THE RAGER, IAM FOREVER. When you hear ANYONE talking bout ‘rage’ or ‘raging’, know where that shit originated. Guess ima have to do some trademarkin’. ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES. WE LIVE THIS SHIT!


In the above interview with Karen Civil, MGK reacts to Cudi's indirect shots. He says that "it's a word. And you didn't start the word. And I didn't start the word. It's a fuckin' word, you know what I'm sayin'?" He also throws in what could be interpreted as his own little jab, saying Cudi's from Cleveland, but "the motherfucker's never in the city."