Back in 2002, a filmmaker and fan of the '70s funk pioneers Sly and The Family Stone started a search for the band's iconic frontman Sly Stone, who hadn't just stepped out of the spotlight—he'd vanished completely. 

Stone and his band stopped performing in 1987 and he wasn't on stage again until a 2009 Grammy Awards performance, during which he prematurely walked off stage. From that point on, things went downhill fast. After years battling drug addiction and legal issues with his former manager, he's gone from living in a house to a hotel to where he is now: dwelling in a van in California.

In the latest video from TMZ, the flamboyant star of the past seems to be in rough shape. He admits that he's still drinking and doing cocaine, but says he has plans to park his van next to a rehab center, where he hopes to continue recording music.

Meanwhile, the fan and filmmaker has made a movie about his journey to find Sly, but he says he's waiting for a happy ending to release it.

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