Producer: R. Kelly, Trackmasters
Album: The Best Of Both Worlds
Label: Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam

It's been established that Best of Both World's was a disaster. Once the videotape surfaced of the R allegedly bumping and grinding with a minor, Jay wanted nothing to do with the project. All videos and promotion for the album were scrapped and the album was largely considered a wash.

It was a shame because one song in particular had smash hit written all over it, “Take you Home With Me (a.k.a. Body).” It's what we expected the whole project to sound like (it didn't) and probably the only record from BOBW that's still spun in clubs in 2011. Kells and Jay were balling recklessly on the track, name dropping high end brands, but yes, that's Jay mispronouncing Christian Louboutin in the final verse. Hey, even God MC's make mistakes!