Producer: Dead Prez
Album: Revolutionary But Gangsta
Label: Sony

Months after announcing his retirement, Jay shocked the industry by resurfacing on the remix of dead prez's controversial single, “Hell Yeah.” It was an unexpected move to say the least—the King of commercial rap getting his hands dirty with hip-hop's most militant duo?

It turned out to be one of Jay's most inspired verses of his career, with Hov offering his revolutionary but gangster take on hip-hop infiltrating the suburbs: “Little Amy told Becky, Becky told Jenny/And now they all know the skinny/Little Joey got his do-rag on/Drivin' down the street blastin' 2Pac songs/But Billy likes Snoop, got his blue rag on/Now before you know it, you back in 'Nam.” Further proof that Jay could hold his own alongside any artist in the genre.