Producer: DJ Twinz
Album: The Understanding
Label: Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam/Get Low

Jay's verse is vicious. He's clearly firing shots at someone, but who was he going at? Nas? Terror Squad? Nah, Jay was actually licking off shots at Harlem World and Meeno.


When “Mind Right” dropped, Mase had long been retired (in rap years at least), but after years of firing subliminal shots back and forth, tensions were still high between Mason and Jay's camps. Jay's verse on “My Mind Right (Remix)” was allegedly in response to some slanderous bars Meeno spewed on his obscure “I'm That Nigga” single. Usually Jay would only give someone like Meeno half a bar, but with such an easy target, how could he resist? Hilarious lines like: “Think niggas was shooting your fat ass out of cannon's before,” in reference to Meeno's appearance in Harlem World's cheesy “I Like It” video, left Meeno's career D.O.A.