Producer: Kanye West
Album: Notorious (Soundtrack)
Label: Bad Boy

After (almost) avoiding Kanye completely on his previous two albums, Jay rekindled his working relationship with Ye for The Blueprint 3 sessions. After the two found success with an M.I.A. sampleon “Swagga Like Us,” they returned to the hipster well and found some Santigold (hey, close enough!) vocals, which Ye flipped for “Brooklyn Go Hard.”

The song went just that--hard--and coined a new term: black hoodie rap. Maybe it wasn't Jay's grimest moment, but he still repped for BK, going so far as to kick most of his first verse in a bad Jamaican accent—or whatever that was. But Jay's second verse got the most attention, due to his nod to a famous a Brooklyn Dodger: “I Jack, I rob, I sin/Amen/I'm Jackie Robinson/Except when I run base, I dodge the pen.” Now that's repping for the home team.