Producer: Stretch Armstrong
Album: Hard Core
Label: Undeas/Big Beat

While Jay was loosely affiliated with Foxy Brown early in his career, he jumped down with hip-hop's other sex symbol, (and one day arch enemy of Fox) Lil Kim, on “Big Momma Thang”—a nasty as they wanna be ditty which Jay ghostwrote and called for earmuffs if children were present.

Before the bizarre game of musical chairs involving Jay-Z, Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, and Nas that would take place years later; Kim and Jay were talking like sex, and trading verses about eating horizontally and hitting the 68 and owing one (graphic!).

Jay joked that he couldn't believe B.I.G. would leave Kim alone in the studio with him, and that Chris Wallace probably had the place bugged. Jay even boasted that he was going to snatch Kim away from the Junior Mafia and put a Roc-A-Fella chain around her neck. Years later it was rumored that Kim was to join the Roc, but turned out to be a tall tale. Would it have worked? Who knows. But in '96, Lil Kim and Jigga sounded like figures.