Producer: L.E.S.
Album: Nastradamus
Label: Ill Will/Columbia
Best Youtube Comment: "If your dad used to rap this to you, there's a good chance he was a pedophile." - sneakfreek182

Complex Says: We recently named Nastradamus the worst album fail of all time so it was obviously a major misstep in Nas' career. God's son had been struggling to live up to his legacy since the release of 1996's It Was Written, but it wasn't until Nastradamusthat fans started to wonder if Nas' best days were behind him.

Like the album as a whole, “Big Girl” was misguided: Nas raps vividly about smutting-out someone's daughter, and proclaims that it's time for her to leave her child-like innocence behind and accept adulthood. The beat was bad, the chorus horrific, and the collective result amounted to the worst song off a great rapper's worst album.