Producer: Bigg D
Album: American Gangster
Label: Roc-A-Fella / Def Jam

Complex Says: How excited where you when you heard Jigga and Weezy where gonna get on the same track together for the first time? Actually, don't answer that. How disappointed where you when you first heard "Hello Brooklyn 2.0"? This remake of the Beastie Boys cut of the same name definitely didn't do the original justice.

There were a number of bizarre problems with "HB 2.0." For one, Lil Wayne wasn't even from Brooklyn. Plus it was an '80s-themed song which made it completely out of place on the '70s-themed concept album, American Gangster. And unlike the rest of American Gangster, it didn't follow the storyline of getting into the drug game. Top all that off with Hov and Weezy's lackluster verses and you'll see why this song is so damn awful. We're thinking Wayne and Jay are better off as enemies than friends.