Producer: Timbaland
Album: Unreleased
Label: N/A

Complex Says: If you thought Timbo's songs on The Blueprint III were bad, imagine how awful the songs that didn't make the album were. A batch of Timbaland-produced songs from The Blueprint III leaked in August 2009 and fans were largely disappointed in the quality of the tracks. But “Ghetto Techno” is especially bad and it's a perfect example of Jay-Z falling victim to his own ambition.

The chorus was intended to be catchy and energetic, instead it came off obnoxious and tiresome. Jay raps out of character about fraternizing with white girls and drinking massive amounts of shots, all the while abandoning his laid-back persona and struggling to muster up extra energy. Jay exercised good judgment in deep-sixing this cut, unfortunately he probably should have burned the tapes too.