Producer: DJ Paul & Juicy J

Album: Hustle & Flow Soundtrack

Label: Atlantic/Grand Hustle

Juicy J: “That was a blessing, man, we didn't know what was going to happen, never knew nothing. I thought we was gonna lose [at the Oscars], everybody thought we was gonna lose. I walked in, thinking we was gonna lose. It's still exciting today, man. That was a huge blessing. Because we grew up just being underground rappers.

"Three-6 Mafia was always underground rap, and that just took us to another level, that we thought we was never going to be at level. Everyone knew who Three-6 Mafia was after that. We got the longest Oscar party—still going on right now. [At the Oscars, I got to meet] Reese Witherspoon, man, she is super-hot. Wow man, wow. WOW.”