Producer: DJ Paul & Juicy J

Album: Phinally Phamous

Label: Hypnotize Minds

Juicy J: “We were doing a radio interview at this radio station in Memphis called K97. Three-6 Mafia was doing a radio interview. And as me and Paul was walking out, Lil Wyte was standing in front of the radio station, with him and his boys. And they was holding a demo tape, a CD or whatever. And they were like, ‘Yeah we rap we rap we rap.’ I'm like, ‘Alright, cool.’ We took the CD or whatever. And we went back to the studio.”

”We usually don't listen to that many demos, but I was like, ‘Let's just listen to this demo and see what it sounds like.’ And we popped it in, and I was blown away. Like, these guys got a little bit of talent here! So we called 'em down to the studio, and there was a group of them then. And we tried to sign the whole group, but the things didn't work out with the group, so we ended up signing Lil Wyte.”