Label: Columbia Records
Worst Song: "Mystery of Iniquity"


Traditionally, artists appear on Unplugged to perform tracks that fans are familiar with. Not so with Lauryn. In her case, she chose to perform a handful of half-baked songs that didn't even have proper titles at the time, which resulted in a very uneven sophomore project that was fucking awful. On the record she even uttered the words, "I used to be a performer but I don't really consider myself a performer any more," but the whole album was a live performance!

Lauryn wasn't even in top shape when she performed the songs (her voice was noticeably raspy). The album was needlessly a double disk. Every song had seemingly endless skits in-between them where Ms. Hill ranted about everything from God to God knows what. Or as 50 Cent once put it, "I used to listen to Lauryn Hill and tap my feet/Then the bitch put out a CD, it didn't have no beats!" Truer words were never spoken.