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The Lox “Wild Out” (2000)

Album: We Are The Streets

Label: Ruff Ryders, Interscope

Swizz Beatz: “The Lox were in great spirits because they were out of their previous situation with Bad Boy which they were unhappy with. ‘Wild Out’ was telling people, ‘If you’re glad the Lox is with Ruff Ryders now, Wild Out!’ That whole album was one big street celebration to let everybody know the Lox was officially on Ruff Ryders even though they had always been affiliated.

“They loved the beat. I always had beats in the stash. I was like a hungry pit-bull at that time with nothing else on my mind. Now I have hundreds of things on my mind, including that but before it was just beats.

I’ve still got thousands of beats on floppy discs that I never put out that people never heard.

“It was like being in the gun range and having that one piece of paper that you’re shooting at 30 times a day. You know what that target is like. You know what to hold, you know what you’re aiming for. Not to take away from what I’m doing now but it’s like looking out this window [points to New York City skyline] and saying, ‘I’m gonna hit that and that and I wanna hit that.’ It’s different now.

“I would make one beat on the spot but I would have a hundred just sitting there from the 30 I would make a day. I’ve still got thousands of beats on floppy discs that I never put out that people never heard. Bags and bags. We were on autopilot so I didn’t have to prove myself at that point. It was more like, ‘Let me go get one of those Swizz joints. We need something crazy.’ So I was like, ‘Alright, let’s wild out.’

“I went in the booth bugging out. I was just saying anything, because I already had the concept—which was wild out. I was mentioning different things that would make you wild out. “We were running down places 100 deep and we had the mentality that if somebody acted up we were going to wild out. It was the slang of the time, and it was a great song. I still perform it.”

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