Frenemies: A History Of Lil Wayne & Jay-Z's Relationship

Lil Wayne Raps Over Jay-Z’s “Run This Town” & “D.O.A.” On No Ceilings

Date: October 2009

What happened? Weezy took Jay up on the offer he made on “D.O.A.” and got on the instrumental (he even threw a soundbite of Jay’s shoutout unto the freestyle) on his No Ceilings mixtape. But he also came gunning for Jay-Z’s “Run This Town” instrumental. No shots were taken though.

Complex says: Stylistically, Wayne’s freestyle over Jay’s hit single immediately drew comparisons to his “Dough Is What I Got,” which was the last time he rapped over one of Jay’s singles. This time though, Wayne didn’t let off any stray shots despite Birdman’s recent denouncing of him.

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