Kreayshawn took the Internet by storm earlier this year when she dropped her viral smash "Gucci Gucci" a few months back. The song was such a banger we named it the 5th best song of the year (so far) and it even became a trending topic on Twitter today after Lil Wayne freestlyed over the beat. And did we mention that the song helped her score a rumored million dollar deal with Sony?

Yeah, that girl is blowing up. One thing we noticed about her immediately was her awesomely unique style. Whether it was the Minnie Mouse ears in the "Gucci Gucci" video or the Fred Flinstone hoodie in the "Bumpin' Bumpin'" video, it was obvious the Oakland rapper had hella swag.

That's why when she came to New York City we took her to The Hundreds store in SoHo and got her to break down what she was rocking that day and what she looks for when she goes shopping. As far as the Gucci and Fendi? Basic bitches wear that shit so we don't even bother.