#15. Tech N9ne "He's A Mental Giant"

Producer: Seven

Label: Strange Music

Complex says: What’s the most common criticism of hip-hop you hear today? That rappers are too soft and sing too much? That you’re favorite rapper fell off? That dudes make albums where they rap over the same beat 20 times? That rap has gone pop? That these young guns haven’t paid their dues? That underground acts can’t sell shit? We’re not pointing fingers, but we will say this: If any of those things annoy you, then you need to give Tech N9ne a chance already.

Tech N9ne is a 20-year veteran, a rapper’s rapper, with an eclectic sound, and a completely independent commercial force whose new album All 6’s and 7’s was able to debut in the Top 5. “He’s A Mental Giant” is just yet another excellent example of why Tech is still one of the most underrated rappers—and one of best lyricists—around.