“Echo” f/ Liz Rodriguez

Produced by: DJ Khalil

Eminem: “I had heard that me and T.I. might do another song together and this was one of the ideas that I’d wanted to present to him. But then he had an idea to present to me and that was what we decided to go with for his album. So then I was going to try to rework it for me and Royce, because I still liked the beat and the hook, but we didn’t get a chance to finish it because it leaked.”

Royce da 5’9”: “‘Echo’ and ‘Living Proof’ leaked, but they were the wrong version of both songs. Those songs finished are actually bonus cuts on the EP. We wanted to make it an EP [and keep it short], but we still wanted people to hear those songs, so we made them bonus cuts because the leaks didn’t do those songs any justice. We at least wanted people to hear them the way they should be heard.”

Paul Rosenberg (Eminem's Manager, and President of Shady Records and CEO of Goliath Artists): “That song was part of that of that batch of songs that Marshall was working on for Recovery and I think it was sent to him during part of that process, but he never recorded a song to it and he went back to it.”

DJ Khalil: “They called me not too long ago for the track ‘Echo’ because I sent it to him with the hook on it with Liz Rodriguez. But then the record got leaked a few months ago and that was my first time even hearing it. I didn’t even know the project existed at that point. I just knew Royce was on it.

“I was just used to it because my songs get leaked so much that I was like, ‘Okay another leak, great.’ [Laughs.] But I have a good relationship with Eminem and his people so they were just like, ‘Don’t worry. We still love the record.’ They still wanted the files so it just ended up working out.

“It’s definitely a stadium-type record, rock-influenced with a big chorus. It’s definitely trying to go for an arena rock sound and I think that that kind of fits what Em does. Recovery was all big records, that’s why it connected and did so well commercially, but it’s still hip-hop. I think he kind of found that bridge of someone that could be big and huge and still be raw hip-hop.”