“Above The Law”

Produced by: Mr. Porter

Royce da 5’9”: “That was another one I started and presented it to him.”

Eminem: “No you didn’t. [Laughs.]”

Royce da 5’9”: Wait, what the hell happened with that song? [Laughs.]”

Eminem: “I had the beat first, and wrote something to it, but mine was telling some funny story and our verses didn’t match. I called Royce like, ‘Yo, I think I might have a verse to this.’ And he said, ‘What’s it about?’ And I said, ‘Just rap.’ I kind of wasn’t sure what he was going to do with it, but then he came on some harder shit than I was talking about. Mine was kind of funny and it didn’t match, but his verse was retarded so I wanted to keep it. So then I just rewrote another verse, went in, and laid it. But his had to be a second verse, because he wrote it with that in mind, that it was going to be the second verse. So we couldn’t change it.”

Royce da 5’9”: “I was trying my best to get him to lay that shit. I was like, ‘Just lay what you got man.’ Because I really wanted to keep that tone.”

Eminem: “I was like, ‘No.’ [Laughs.] I just approached the record different. Mine was on some funny, conceptual, telling a story, but it was kind of a funny story. I don’t even fucking remember. His shit was more hip-hop. His was more battle rap, so my shit wouldn’t have made sense at all. So I figured, ‘Let me just rewrite a new first verse.’”

Mr. Porter: “I have a couple of artists named Keely Ferguson and Claret Jai—Claret is on the Fast & Furious soundtrack on the Ludacris and Slaughterhouse song. We came up with a formula how we write together: I’ll give them somewhat of a treatment—almost how you do a video treatment—and they’ll start writing from that. Once I started the beat I just needed the hook.

“I spent so much time on the beat that I was kind of out of it when it came to the melodies. I had done one chorus myself because I sing, but I hated [my chorus]. So I dropped it off to her and I told her exactly what I was looking for. And her and two other writers came up with the hook. Claret Jai just laid it down and I took it right to Em.

“Em heard it and was like, ‘Wow this is crazy.’ I think him and Royce got that one together and they both ended up doing verses. We needed something high energy and that was one of the really high energy joints that we had.”