Interview: Freddie Gibbs Talks Future Projects, Signing With Jeezy, & How Big Sean & Wale Belong In A Miscellaneous Genre

Interview: Freddie Gibbs Talks Future Projects, Signing With Jeezy, & How Big Sean & Wale Belong In A Miscellaneous GenrePhoto by Virgil Solis.

I think Drake has a lane, and he stays in it.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Drake makes some dope songs.

And what about Big Sean? He’s got a lane.
Yeah…he’s got a lane… These niggas don’t know what they want to be. If it was the most popping shit to be the most gangsta nigga—like it was back in the day—I guarantee them niggas would be on some hard shit. I guarantee they’d be twisting their fingers up. They already be trying to do it! It’ll be the element of niggas they be around and then they get on that brolic shit. Drake be throwing gang signs and shit, I be seeing whatever the fuck he’s throwing up. I don’t know. He go to the wrong place and he’ll be fucked up.

It’s just the nature of the times. It’s cool to be that corny motherfucker wearing the little jeans now, I guess. Girls like that. It’s cool to be the pretty boy. I don’t even know what these niggas is. I can’t even pinpoint them. I just be like, “What are you, my nigga? What’s your story?” I don’t like rap that doesn’t have a story behind it.

Like, you was just working at K-Mart and started rapping or something like that? It’s the backspin behind shit. How can I get to know you as a person by listening to your music? And what am I getting? What experience are you bringing me outside of a nigga rapping about fucking some bitches and you being hot? I just saw a Yung Berg video where he keeps being like, “Don’t make me do it.” I’m like, “Don’t make you do what? Get your chain took again?”

Drake be throwing gang signs and shit, I be seeing whatever the fuck he’s throwing up. I don’t know. He go to the wrong place and he’ll be fucked up.

Anyone can make music now, that’s the thing. The floodgates is open for that shit. And when you get into that level, the quality goes down. A lot of these schmucks just rap on good ass beats. They pick a hot ass beat and it’s outta here because the DJ likes that beat. He’s gonna play that beat because people like that beat. But the motherfucker on the song is a dick.

You think that’s true of a lot of hip-hop?
Most of it.

When we started this interview you were talking about Maybach Music, do you think that’s true for them?
I think they make cool shit, that’s, they stay in they…whatever. I don’t really pay attention to them man, I’m too focused on CTE so I don’t know. But I know individualy all of them dudes...I don’t know. I don’t listen to Wale. Pill’s solid. Ross makes solid records. I don’t know Meek Mill too much, but I definitely don’t listen to Wale’s shit.

Why not?
Cause it ain’t my shit.

Well Wale’s definitely someone I’d compare to a Big Sean-kind of guy.
What kind of guy is that? See, you can’t even fucking pinpoint it. You can’t even put these niggas in a box and label it. All of these niggas. Big Sean, Wale. You just said “Big Sean is like a Wale kind of guy.” What is that? Fucking weirdos, right?

No, the weirdos would be like Lil B. That’s Swag Rap.
That’s some buttfuck rap. That’s a whole issue. I’m saying, you can’t even put these niggas [like Wale and Big Sean] in a category. You don’t know what the fuck they are. I’m a gangsta rapper. That shit is just like if you had a box in here of shit you didn’t want, it was just miscellaneous shit, that’s where you’d throw them niggas. It’s a box of lost and found shit.

Well yeah, I guess they’re more alternative hip-hop.
What the fuck is alternative hip-hop? When did that shit get made up? Watch, next year that’s going to be a category at the Grammys. Alternative hip-hop. What the fuck is that?

Well it’s not gangsta rap.
See, that’s the thing though, not all rap’s gotta be gangsta rap. De La Soul wasn’t gangsta rap. But that shit is classic. A Tribe Called Quest wasn’t gangsta rap, but that shit is classic.

But that’s Native Tongues, though. That had a genre.
Right, what’s this new niggas’ genre?

I’m sure there’s an actual name for this genre, I just can’t think of it off the top.
I don’t know man, I just make real rap. Put me in my own box, just don’t put me in a box with them niggas.

[The last fight I had was] a few months ago when I punched this nigga in the eye because his dog bit my dog. It wasn’t even really a fight, I hit the nigga two times and he didn’t hit me back.

Speaking of gangsta rap, there aren’t many gangsta rappers left. Gangsta rap is in a weird place.
There aren’t that many gangsta rappers left because these niggas get exposed. We live in the Internet age so you can look up a nigga’s background real quick and be like, “Man, you didn’t do that.” And then motherfuckers figure you ain’t real and they don’t like you anymore.

But then you’ve got certain motherfuckers where that don’t even matter. They just snitch, and be police. And people just be like, “Fuck it, everybody’s a snitch, everybody’s police now. I’m just gonna rock with it, I like the way that sounds.”

That’s why there are no gangsta rappers anymore because they don’t want to play around with the role that they know that they not because somebody can come check you on that shit. That’s the reason for the shortage. And motherfuckers just ain’t making dope shit no more. Motherfuckers are just like, “Yeah nigga, I got 50 guns.” Shut the fuck up, nigga. Come to my hood. I’ll show you 50 guns.

Last time we asked, you had a funny story. So when was the last time you got into a fight?
A few months ago when I punched this nigga in the eye because his dog bit my dog. It wasn’t even really a fight, I hit the nigga two times and he didn’t hit me back. It happened in downtown L.A. I was walking my dog and then this motherfucker was like, “Oh, I got a pitbull too!” I’m like, “Okay man, cool.”

But then he pushed their heads together and then they start fighting. I didn’t want to get in the middle of that shit cause I didn’t want to get bit. So I just kicked his dog in the head, to separate them. That’s what you do to a pit, just hit ‘em in the head. So I kicked the fuck outta his dog and he pushed me like, “Don’t kick my fucking dog.” So I just fired on him. Boom, boom.

He was like, “Man, what the fuck! I’m going to call the cops!” I was like, “Fuck you, I’m about to go up to my apartment, [get my gun], and shoot you and your dog.” I came back down with my gun too. But he left.

In [my hometown] Gary, Indiana, I could’ve killed him and his dog, and just sat there. But not in L.A., I’m already on probation for my gun. In Gary, if a nigga’s dog bites you, you can shoot the nigga and his dog. In Gary, they ain’t tripping.

How did your new project with Statik Selektah come about?
It started when he hit me up and was like, ‘You wanna do an EP in 24 hours?” I was like, “What? Hell nah man, you know I don’t work like that.” I’ll do like one song in a night and sit with that motherfucker for like 3 days. But that project worked out great! I could work at that level if I have to, knocking that shit out in a night. I just don’t usually do it so it was something new. It just showed me I was still better than everybody else.

With the livestream, is there more pressure knowing people are watching you?
I don’t give a fuck, I do shows in front of a lot of people. I just talk shit on stage. It’s certain shit I’m not gonna let motherfuckers Ustream. Like I wouldn’t let a motherfucker Ustream me fucking a bitch or selling dope or no shit like that. But it was big and it was cool. I didn’t know that that many people were gonna look at me rap.

So you’ve also got the upcoming mixtape Cold Day In Hell. What can you tell me about it?
It’s gonna be dope as fuck. On the mixtape, it’s niggas I fuck with [like Young Jeezy, Bun B, Daz, Juicy J]. I fuck with people that fuck with me and just build relationships through that. I ain’t about to be calling your manager, your publicist, your homeboy, your momma, and all that shit to get you on my song. If you want to do it, let’s do it.

I don’t like it if we can’t really vibe. If we making a song, we need to chop it up, kick it, smoke, or something. If you don’t smoke, drink, you need to let me fuck one of your hoes or something. We gotta have some type of bond!

Me and K.R.I.T. just did some work. He had to deal with me for 30 days on the road. He ain’t have no choice. I was going to bug his ass every day at every stop until we did some shit. LRG did the artwork [for Cold Day In Hell]. Motherfuckers might not be able to listen to the CD, they’re going to be looking at the artwork.

The mixtape is gonna drop mid-July. [The mixtape didn’t drop in June because] I just wanted to add more shit. I ain’t want to rush it out. Plus there was some corny motherfuckers dropping their shit that day and I ain’t want to drop the same day as them. I ain’t want my shit to get lost in the sauce with all that bullshit. So I was just like I’ll let these niggas have their day.

It was my birthday, I was in Hawaii so I didn’t give a fuck. I was drinking Mai Tais and snorkeling, nigga. I put on that snorkeling gear and I instantly could swim. I was like, “What the fuck? I can breath underwater? Let’s go!” I was swimming with turtles, big ass eels, and stingrays and shit. Nigga, I was the black Jacques Cousteau that day, that’s for sure.

What’s in the future for Freddie Gibbs?
Next year, my album is definitely coming. I’ve got so much shit I’m about to put out this year, I got some stuff for the end of the summer and the fall. And more opportunities pop up every day. I ain’t tripping. I’m in a good place. I ain’t in jail and I don’t work at McDonald’s. I’m good.

I’m going to stay out on the road and keep being one of the most creative motherfuckers out here. Everything I do, it’s a calculated step. You’ve just got to do things different than the next motherfucker. I don’t want to be put in that miscellaneous box.

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