Kanye West & Jay-Z f/ Elly Jackson (of La Roux) “That's My Bitch” (2010)

Lyrics: “Back to my Beyoncé's/You deserve three stacks, word to Andre.” - Jay-Z

Complex says: Another one of Jay's genius double triple entendres. He shouts out his boo-boo on this leaked, unfinished record from the Watch The Throne sessions and tells us that pretty icons don't always have to be white. "Three stacks" is clearly a reference to Andre 3000, but Hov may also be referring to Andre Champagne. To make this one even more intricate, since Jay was mentioning paintings in the verse, he could be talking about French painter and sculptor André Derain, whose paintings today sell for as much as $6 million USD. He doesn't call himself the "Monster of the Double Entendre" for nothing.