Interview: Soulja Boy Talks Lil B, Problems With Mr. Collipark, & His Disappointing Album Sales

Interview: Soulja Boy Talks Lil B, Problems With Mr. Collipark, & His Disappointing Album Sales

On Kat Stacks

After that, I was going through some personal things in my career that I had never been through before and it was being displayed in public. I just felt like the bitch [Kat Stacks] tried to end me. [Laughs.] She set me up on some dirty shit and she tried to frame me. I felt like she swayed a lot of people’s opinions and I just felt like the bitch tried to end me. She set me up in front of the whole world. My true fans were riding with me throughout and I got through it. But it just goes to show you’ve got to be careful out here man. Motherfuckers will try to end you. I’m a young, positive black male, just trying to do good. I ain’t shooting people and I ain’t selling drugs. I’m making good music, trying to do something good, and she comes in with some foul-ass shit like that. It’ll just mess you up for a little bit. But you grow, you learn, and you get through it. The lesson you take from that is fuck these bitches. [Laughs.]

On Juice mixtape & mini-movie

“This tape is basically talking about how I’ve got the most juice in the rap game. It all started last month when I was in my crib in Los Angeles and I was watching Juice. And Tupac, he just turned up in the movie so hard, he just went in. After I got done watching the movie, I said I’m going to name my next mixtape Juice.

“I recorded it in Atlanta in my home studio. That’s where I recorded a lot of my stuff that took off like ‘Pretty Boy Swag.’ And I recorded the first song, ‘Juice.’ So I just went in on the mixtape, then DJ Scream hit me like, ‘Let do this tape.’ For this Juice mixtape, I’m shooting a mini-movie with Rage, the same director that shot ‘Crank That’ and ‘Kiss Me Through The Phone.’ BET is going to premier it.

“Some of the cast from the original Juice, like Omar Epps and Jermaine Hopkins reached out to the director Rage when we were doing casting and said, ‘I want to do a role in the movie.’ We’re definitely going to get them parts. And Rage, he directed a lot of videos for Cam’Ron. So Rage was like, ‘Yo, you mess with Cam’Ron?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, I mess with Cam’Ron man. Purple Haze, you know that’s a classic. Let’s get him in the movie.’ So Cam is going to play just a straight juiced-up-gangsta, just how he did in Paid In Full. Cam is an OG with the movie scenes.

“We’re filming it here in Atlanta, and I’m doing three music videos off of the mini-movie. They’re going to be like singles I’m going to put on TV. It’s like a spin-off of the original Juice. It was inspired by Juice, but it’s my own story. It was definitely inspired by the original film though. I’m playing the 2011 Bishop, I’m going to turn up though. I’m really doing it so people can see me act. I want to break into the acting scene too. I’m a character when I want to be.”

On S.O.D. artist Lil B and his I’m Gay album

“Lil B is with Stacks on Deck Money Gang. I signed Lil B at the end of ‘09. Everybody that’s signed to S.O.D.M.G., they have 100% creativity over their own projects. When I first started working with Lil B, I knew the position he was in. I knew he was already coming off of a major when he was with The Pack, and he was a solo artist as Lil B the Based God. His music was weird and different—but I’ve got an ear for what the young people are going to like, so I believed in B. He’s doing his thing.

“What a lot of people don’t know is B met with a lot of people. B met with 50 Cent, Sylvia Rhone, and a lot of people tried to buy B. Basically, he only did that deal [with Amalgam Digital] so he could release his mixtapes. He was like, ‘Man, I want to put these mixtapes out and I want to do an S.O.D. album.’ So I was like, ‘Alright, cool.’ So he’s going to release the mixtapes with Amalgam Digital, they’re going to distribute it, and then after that he’s going to do his [solo album] through S.O.D. When he does his S.O.D. album, it’s going to be official. [Laughs.] I don’t think people are ready for that yet.

“He’s getting together singles [for his S.O.D. album] now. He’ll always hit me like, ‘Yo, we’re going to do this and we’re going to do that.’ What we’ve got to do is maintain and get his buzz as big as it can get. Once he finishes these mixtapes with Amalgam Digital, and we get the hype, and he gets the single, we’re going to drop it. Because if you’ve noticed, we’re doing all of this off the buzz of the mixtapes. You ain’t really seen B’s single on the radio. So we’re setting it up perfect.

“His [I’m Gay album] is not going to be on S.O.D., that’s going to be one of his mixtapes. Let me tell you something about B [Laughs], he’s really trying to push that words don’t mean shit. Even when we would always have conversations, he would always be like, ‘Man, I’m going to be a human sacrifice.’ Because even with some of the songs that he puts out, I’ll ask him about it like, ‘Yo, what are you talking about in this part right here?’ And he’s like, ‘Nah bruh, I’m being me.’ Because you know how any time anyone ever disrespects somebody, they say, ‘Aw man, you a bitch. Aw man, you gay.’ That nigga B, he’s got so much confidence in himself he said, ‘I’m a bitch. I’m gay. I’m all that shit.’ He doesn’t give a fuck. I respect it.

“[I didn’t know that he was going to call his album I’m Gay] It caught me by surprise too. [Laughs.] I was like, ‘What the fuck!’ [Laughs.] But you’ve got to respect it and you can’t be mad at it. I’m pretty sure not everybody’s going to like it, but if you understand what he’s trying to do then you’ll respect it. I ain’t fixing to go around calling myself gay and a bitch though. [Laughs.] Nah, fuck that shit. [Laughs.] But I understand 100% what he’s doing though. He’s just trying to say that words don’t mean shit, that’s all that is.”

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