Interview: Prodigy Talks Reconciling With Nas, Capone Snitching, & Why He Thought Biggie Was Corny

Interview: Prodigy Talks Reconciling With Nas, Capone Snitching, & Why He Thought Biggie Was CornyPhotography by Sinikiwe Dhliwayo.
What projects do you have coming up?
We’re working on a Mobb album. The main focus right now is just on Mobb Deep. I’m recording little solo songs here and there when we’re not working on Mobb Deep, but other than that it’s all Mobb shit. I mean, every idea. Even if I make a song, and that shit is just incredibly crazy, we’re giving it to Mobb Deep, because that’s what’s important right now. That’s the focus right now, to make sure that we make an incredible album.

Are you looking to drop that this year though?
Yeah, probably like end of the summer.

The two other songs you did with Nas, could those possibly end up on the Mobb Deep album?
Yeah, that’ll probably be on the album. We’ll make 100 songs, and pick the best 15.

Since you’ve been away, a lot of new artists such as Drake, Kid Cudi, and B.o.B. have made a big impact. Are you a fan of the new class of rappers?
Yeah, I like what they do. They’ve got their lane. They’re doing their thing, and that’s good for them. I’m definitely proud of anybody that can have some success in this game, because it’s not easy. So when you see somebody making a name for himself, and a little success for himself, you’ve got to take your hat off and acknowledge that, like “Yeah, dun is doing his thing.”

I just see it like, they’ve got their lane, they’ve got their style, and we’ve got our style. That’s how I look at it. It’s like different pairs of sneakers, different clothes, like you don’t want to wear the same thing everyday. Sometimes you want to dress casual, sometimes you want to dress down, sometimes you want to dress up, like it’s the same thing with music. Music goes with your mood. Sometimes you’re in the mood for this, sometimes you’re in the mood for that. So that’s a good thing.

I probably don’t know all the titles, the names, and all the other shit, but I listen. I pay attention to what the fuck is going on. I like a bunch of the dudes in the XXL freshmen class, with the cypher shit. Those dudes was hot. And then, the cypher thing on BET Hip-Hop Awards, got some ill little new artists that’s out there doing their thing. They’re actually real good with the rap shit. They’re going in with the verses and all that.

So you feel like rap is in a good place right now then?
Hell yeah. It’s in a good place man. Any time you’ve got a whole bunch of competitors it only steps up the quality of the shit that’s out there. How are you going to shine and stand out with all this new shit that’s happening, and all the heavy competition in the game? What’s going to make you so special?

So it makes you work harder to prove that you deserve what you’ve got, prove that you deserve your shit. You’ve got to earn what you’ve got. So that’s how I see it. It just makes you work that much harder. It makes you be that much more creative, because you’re like, “Damn, alright. This dude is popping. This dude is hot. I’ve got to come with some shit, otherwise people are not even going to pay attention to me.”

So that’s how everybody should be looking at it, even the new kids that’s rapping, they should look at it the same way. Because there’s a lot of new rappers man. When we were coming up it wasn’t that many rappers like that, so we had our own shit and basically that was it. So now it’s like, flooded. So it’s like, where’s Waldo in the motherfucking crowd? You’ve got to stand out in order for people to pay attention to you.

One of the biggest artists right now for gangsta rap is Rick Ross. Are you a fan of his?
Yeah. I like his shit. At first, I thought Rick Ross was a fluke to tell you the truth, because when I first heard him I was like “Who the fuck is this dude man? Come on. You can’t be serious. This dude is a fluke. One-hit wonder.” After a while he started proving himself.

Then I started seeing consistency with him, and more and more, I was like “Hold up. Ok, I’m starting to respect this dude now.” Now he’s proved me wrong. He’s not what I thought he was. That happens a lot. A lot of people won’t talk about it though.

Given that you actually knew Biggie, do you see what Diddy means when comparing Rick Ross and Big?
I guess because he’s a big, heavy-set, fat dude or whatever. Like, I don’t know man. They talk about flashy things. I don’t really know. That’s the only comparison I see, is their weight. Lyrically Rick Ross is spitting some shit right now, but I mean, compared to Biggie there’s just no comparison. You can’t compare Biggie, nobody’s Tupac. Those people are them, you’re you. I don’t really do that comparison shit. Be yourself.



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