Buckwild: “L.E.S. and Salaam Remi brought me in for that album. I always wanted to work with Nas, and he’s real picky. If Nas don’t fuck with you, he’s not going to fuck with you. People say Nas is hypocritical, but I don’t think so. If he says, 'I won’t work with you again,' he won’t work with you. I’ve heard him do this.

"If a producer puts three or four hot beats in Pro Tools, Nas goes in and lays the track, then comes out and finds it’s a guy he doesn’t want to work with, he’ll just trash that song. He’s a person of integrity.

“Even with the song, having that type of content, you already know it’s going to be something that’s talked about. After the track got out, Hip-Hop from Roc-A-Fella hit me like, ‘Yo, that’s one of my favorite songs off the album.’ Because Nas is one of those guys who’s always going to strike a nerve.

"He was basically saying stuff other people were scared to say. And he’s real humble. He keeps to himself. You’re not going to see a million people in a Nas session. It’s just him and his blunt, plus a handful of people. [Laughs.] Maybe Nas might not even be there.”