Buckwild: “The record was chopped and we replayed it. That was the first time I started having people coming in and really use instruments. I remember being in the studio with Joe, Cool & Dre, and they were like, ‘Yo, you got 76 tracks for this single joint. What the fuck is going on?’ [Laughs.] I was like, ‘Well, you want a certain sound, and this is what it is.’

“It has three different changes, so each change has to have a different track. Duro mixed the record. I always thought Duro’s the greatest engineer. Even a lot of records I have, he mixed the shit out of them and they sounded good. My man DJ LV—who was Pun’s DJ and later became Fat Joe’s DJ—said they did one of Flex’s car shows, and told me, ‘Yo, we did the record, and everybody knew the words.’

“Come to find out, I didn’t even know until Rob Tewlow from Atlantic told me that while they had the R. Kelly record, ['We Thuggin''], going on the radio, the radio actually wanted ‘Lifestyle.’ And Atlantic actually turned it down because they really wanted that R. Kelly record to pop off.

“For that album, Joe had a lot to prove because Pun wasn’t there. I remember people were saying, ‘Yo, Joe doesn’t write his lyrics.’ I saw Joe in the studio writing little by little for that record. He worked really hard for Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E.), and he deserves that platinum plaque.”