Buckwild: “When 50 was doing Get Rich or Die Tryin' he would always be like, ‘Yo, I need you on my album.’ The first time I met him was through Rich Nice from Trackmasters. Then I really met him through Sha Money XL. They’re both good people. I missed the first album.

"I didn’t really take it so seriously. I saw him at the 8 Mile show, and he came over saying, ‘Yo, I’m doing my album, I’ll save you a spot.’ I was like, ‘Yo, that’s cool.’ [Laughs.] I knew the dude was nice, I knew he would sell, but I didn’t know he would sell 11 million on the first album. I figured he’d sell four or five million. But sometimes you keep your friendship bigger than business.

“So fast forward to The Massacre, I was going to The Hit Factory to see Cam'ron at two in the morning with one beat CD because DukeDaGod called me. And guess who comes out the front door? [50 Cent] goes, ‘Yo, I’m about to start my new album, I need some music.’ I had one CD, I thought about it, and just gave it to him. And it worked out because ‘I Don’t Need ‘Em’ was the first record on the CD. 50 doesn’t record with that many producers. He’s the only person I haven’t been inside the studio with as far as recording.

“It was the first song he recorded for The Massacre, and it was one of the only ones that stayed on until the end. I remember the song being a problem because No I.D. used the same sample [‘Nobody Knows’ by Operation Breadbasket Orchestra and Choir] for Ghostface’s ‘Metal Lungies,’ and I was like, ‘Man, there goes my placement.’

"I was telling Sha Money and 50, ‘Yo, Ghostface used the record, let’s do another song.’ But they were like, ‘Yo, 50 really likes the record and he wants to have it come out the way it is. The record is about to come out, and we’re going through sample clearances.'

“We find out Jesse Jackson owns the sample out of all people. It’s so crazy. My last statement was negative $500,000. [Laughs.] So you can imagine how much Jesse made off this song. I made publishing, but not on sales. So when you see Jesse, and Jesse talks bad about rap music, ask him about that check he got from Interscope and 50 Cent.

"A lot of these guys who are politicians were into music before. And Operation Breadbasket was a gospel group. Remember, Reverend Jesse Jackson. So if you ever Google him, and check his discography, you’ll see he owns a few records.”