What happened? A civil trial, separate from the original state trial, begins on the charge of violating the civil rights of Rodney King. The lawsuit is prompted by federal prosecutors who believed the beating was racially motivated. This time the jury is more racially mixed and it includes two black jurors (one of whom King later dated and recently got engaged to).
Song: 8Ball & MJG “You Don’t Want Drama” (2004)

Lyric: “In the middle of a fire, scorch and burn him, let’s overheat him/Really mistreat him, let's Rodney King him and over-beat him.” (MJG)
Complex says: Rodney King’s testimony shed more light on how bad the officers really beat him. MJG later used Rodney's name as a verb, helping to illustrate Rodney's beating as an elite level of ass-kicking, also known as police brutality punishable by zero jail time.