What happened? Following a high-speed car chase—an unarmed, black motorist named Rodney King is savagely beaten by four L.A.P.D. officers when he is pulled over for speeding. Due to his erratic behavior when the police approached him, the officers believed King was high on PCP, but later drug tests on King come back negative. However, King was drunk at the time which is why he sped away in the first place—he worried that if he got a DUI he would violate his parole.
Song: Digital Underground f/ Biz Markie “The Odd Couple” (1998)

Lyrics: “But look what they did to that man Rodney King, they beat him, and stomped him, like a bunch of grapes/When I seen him, he looked like the Planet of the Apes.” (Biz Markie)
Complex says: Like the rest of us, Biz Markie was appalled at the ruthless display of police brutality evidenced by King’s infamous mug shot. However, despite making some poor choices (mainly, drinking and driving while on parole) and getting fucked the fuck up by cops, King didn’t look half as bad or make as many poor decisions as some of the human characters in Planet of the Apes.