The Making of The Game's "The Documentary"

“Westside Story” f/ 50 Cent

Produced by: Dr. Dre, Scott Storch

The Game: “‘Westside Story’ was supposed to go on the All About The Benjamins soundtrack. But Dre was like, ‘Nah, this shit is too hard for the soundtrack. This the first song on the album.’ [That song was written in 2002 but] I never went back and edited the lyrics. We just kept it, and [later] 50 came in, heard the shit, and wrote the hook for it. Wasn’t none of them shits 50’s records. 50 came in after all of the records were already damn near done and he put his 50 Cent on them. I wasn’t [a part of G-Unit yet].

“I hadn’t wrote a hook because I figured it was going on the soundtrack, so I figured that Dre was going to figure out the hook. And once he thought the verses were dope, I guess he put 50 on it, then he played it for me. The way 50 used to write hooks—he’s so melodically driven—all he would do is listen to the beat, and whatever the beat told him to say he would say it. Most rappers, they listen to shit and they write lyrics based on how they feel. 50 writes it off whatever the beat makes him say. It doesn’t matter if it’s fucking, ‘I’m cleaning up with Tide, in the fucking kitchen.’ If that’s what he hears, he’s going to put it on there, and it’s going to go. At that time, that’s how he was rocking, and everything he would spit was golden.”

Mike Lynn (A&R for Aftermath): “That was the first record that Dre and Game did. 50 wasn’t involved yet. That was just Game. Game wrote that record. That’s Game’s record. The different skill that 50 brought to the table was that he was hook ready. At the time, Game was still developing his hooks. Game’s hooks were more street oriented and 50’s hooks were things we could get on the radio. We were bridging that little gap. But Game got better at writing his hooks.”

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