The Making of The Game's "The Documentary"

“We Ain’t” f/ Eminem

Produced by: Eminem, co-produced by Luis Resto

The Game: “I flew to 8 Mile and we went and got it in. I went to work with Em for like five days. He had five beats he made me. I rapped on all them ‘cause they were crazy. We recorded like four or five joints, but that was the best joint. [We have songs in the vault], not in my vault though. Em comes in the studio and he just looks like a guy that can’t rap at all. He just chills with some sweats on, Jordans, a hat, and a jacket or a hoodie or something. Then he comes in with more Taco Bell then the law allows man. Fucking, Taco Supremes and Mountain Dew. And he listens, ‘How you feeling? You like this joint? Aight, do ya thing.’ Then he goes off in the corner and starts spitting like he’s in a cypher. And if you look at him, you’d think there’s five other dudes spitting with ‘em like he’s in a real cypher, but it’s just him. And he writes in circles on the paper. He literally turns the paper man. And writes from the inside outside, like some weird shit man. Em [added the samples in the hook]. Every voice on there is him. He’s like Eddie Murphy and shit. Em can do anything. Dude is a genius.”

Angelo Sanders (A&R for Aftermath): “I went to Detroit with Game. That was the only record I got a good shout out on, ‘Yo, Lo get Dre on the phone quick/Tell him Em just killed me on my own shit.’ [Laughs.] We’d been waiting to get that feature forever and by that time 50 had been involved and everyone had gotten their records and Em was like, ‘Aight, send him to me.’ Em was super professional. He came in, ‘What do you wanna do?’ Em played us some beats and we jumped on that record like, ‘This is the one that feels the most like what we wanna hear you on.’ We didn’t go there trying to get Em on some other shit. We wanted him. Love or hate the record, we knew what we wanted with that. We coulda done something different, but Game wanted to compete with Em on his own shit. And, literally it was what he said on it, Em ate him up.”

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