The Making of The Game's "The Documentary"

“The Documentary”

Produced by: Jeff Bhasker, co-produced by Jeff Reed

The Game: “You know with Dre, it’s just routine. You walk in, he probably got a glass of Hennessy in his hand. He’ll nod and be like, ‘Game time’ and I’ll be like, ‘What up Doc?’ And then after that, you feel so comfortable being there with him because you know he gone deliver on the beats, all you gotta do is do what you do best—and that should be easy if you are who you are. Dre doesn’t like you to mention dates and shit. He likes to make records timeless and it’s that way when you don’t call out a liquor, or say a year of a car. So that’s something I took from Dre and sort of carried with me through out the duration of my career.

“I remember speaking on certain situations with Ed Lover, so I got the interviews and you know we went in. I just had to ask Ed Lover, ‘Can I use that?’ And he sent it to me. I explained [that the Maybach line wasn’t about Jay-Z before but] I like it when shit is set in stone. So people [will be like], ‘Oh that’s what it was about.’ Because if I’m talking about somebody, I don’t really gotta do it subliminally, I like it to be known. I’ll just say your name, I don’t give a fuck. But in that instance, I meant no harm to Jay-Z. In the early stages of my career and I was talking about Ja Rule. Everybody knew we had beef and that’s what it was.”

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