The Making of The Game's "The Documentary"

“Start From Scratch” f/ Marsha Ambrosius

Produced by: Dr. Dre, Scott Storch

The Game: “I get drunk in the studio every night, but I don’t necessarily do a song like ‘Start from Scratch’ every night. It’s just one of those nights where I felt like my back was against the wall and I couldn’t figure out what was next for me in life; so I just put it on the beat. My best friend, Billboard, had just got murdered. When he died, I was kind of in this little funk. Nothing was really making sense to me. Then I just went in on that song; that’s just how I felt. It was a day when I was just in the studio by myself. It never takes you a long time [to lay a song] when it’s straight from the heart. Like when you’re writing a song about your mom or when you’re writing a song about your son or when you’re writing a song about some events in your life that almost rendered you helpless, it just flows man. Because you know the situation, you know how you feel. You just gotta make sure it rhymes, I guess.”

Marsha Ambrosius: ‘“Start From Scratch’ came to me through Dr. Dre. He said he had this track from this artist named The Game. They already had a hook, but they weren't really feeling it, but they liked the idea of where it was going. They sent me the record and Game's verses were already on there. It seemed like it was [about] playing the character as far as what the music tells you emotionally—it was a story. I heard his voice [on the song] and I'm like, ‘This is exactly how people felt at one point in their life.’ The intensity came through without me ever having to meet him. It's like if you have a loose movie script and you have to play this character and you know your position in the scene. I went and re-recorded the hook, sent it back, and before I knew it, it was on the album.”

Mike Lynn (A&R for Aftermath): “A turning point for Game was probably 'Start From Scratch' because that’s when he became a performer. Dre was like, ‘Look man, you got to tell a story on this one. You got to be drunk on this one. We really want you to let it all out.’ So Game went and got drunk and did it. At that point, we knew that he was good at following directions and he knew how to be a performer. That was a whole other side of him that nobody had ever seen before because on the album, he was always being hard. So to see him open up like that and just let the creativity flow, it was just another feather in his cap. Like, ‘Okay this cat is trying to make the best record and he’s following Dre’s directions.’

“We was in the studio [when he recorded the song]. Game was drinking Hennessey and Coke. We were going through a lot of Hennessey and Coke at the time. [Laughs.] I couldn’t guess [how much he drank], but it was more than two or three cups. The whole purpose was for him to speak from the heart. Just get wasted and don’t worry about it. It was Dre’s idea for him to get drunk. He was like, ‘We need to do this record and we need to get in this character. Let’s get these drinks and let's get it.’ There’s no way he could have did that sober.”

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