The Making of The Game's "The Documentary"

“No More Fun And Games”

Produced by: Just Blaze

The Game: “We did that the same night [as ‘Church For Thugs’]. I knocked out ‘Church For Thugs’ and then I knocked out ‘No More Fun And Games.’ Them shits was easy because when you go in with Just, he’s one of them producers that shoots you ideas while you’re recording. So it makes it that much easier when you write. Just Blaze made both them beats just for me. That’s why ‘No More Fun And Games’ has that N.W.A. sample. I was happy to be working with Just Blaze, you know? That’s the dude that Jay-Z always worked with, and always be saying, ‘Yo, Just!’ I was fucking starstruck. So I was just in that motherfucker, and I killed everything he gave me. Plus it was easy, because he makes the type of beats where it just frees your pen. You can get it in over Just Blaze beats. Them shits be hard. It’s like him and Kanye do that to me, man.”

Angelo Sanders (A&R for Aftermath): “Again, that was one of those Just Blaze records when we worked with him. He got Game right away and he was enamored with how fast Game worked. That’s the thing every producer that works with Game is like, ‘Wow, this kid nails it.’ People always try to criticize his hooks, but his energy on verses was just impactful. He would come in and hear the beat, know what he wanted to do with it, and smash it like nobody. We would lay two, three, four songs a night, easy.”

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