The Making of The Game's "The Documentary"

“Like Father, Like Son” f/ Busta Rhymes

Produced by: Buckwild

The Game: “It only made sense to end the album with that song. I dunno, where else could I put talking to my kid? I don’t think it fit in the middle of the album, with all of the gangster shit. I did that in the same session I did the Just Blaze joint. I ran through the Just Blaze joints so fast that I just did that one while I was there. I didn’t have no hook on it, I came back [to L.A.] and Busta was in the studio and I was like, ‘Bust, I need a hook for this.’ I played the beat and you know Bust is a father too, so he’s like, ‘I got that shit all day, let’s do that.'

“I heard the beat and thought of my son, I just thought about my kid being born because that situation was big for me. Just recording that shit was just like I took myself [back to the day he was born]. I had all the experiences because I just lived them eight months ago. And I was just sharing it with the world. It was easy, because I really went there. I don’t be making up shit man. Like that’s the shit that I did, that I went through. These are real life situations. They sort of made me who I am. So they’re all my experiences. I wasn’t emotional, nothing to make you cry. It’s just like my experiences.”

Buckwild: “When I first met Game, it was [in New York City at Baseline] with Just Blaze. It was two, three in the morning and it was a cold, snowy night. Game's grind is incredible, he'll take song after song in the studio all day. We laid the basis of the song. We were kinda stuck with the hook. But Busta put the icing on the cake. He was the perfect instrument that was missing. With most of my career, I made music for stories like that. I expected a song with substance, but it was a very powerful song. I guess it's what we call hip-hop, when a person is really giving you they life.”

Angelo Sanders (A&R for Aftermath): “It took Game a lot of time to write that. He wanted to really write that from the heart. It was a personal record, but he didn’t want it to be a preachy record—not preachy, but you know how so many artists make songs that are almost too personal? I think adding Busta was his way of adding another voice to it just to make it not so much about him and his son.”

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